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Dony Consultants is a "unique concept" practice founded in 1987 by its Principal Nathan Dony after a successful 25 year career in accounting.

The Practice specialises in a number of areas vital to all businesses:

1. The prevention, detection and prosecution of all aspects of White Collar Crime.

2. Forensic Accounting, an area of key importance in determining such matters as;

(a) the quantum of loss or damage resulting from a variety of causes such as commercial disputes, disasters or frauds;

(b) the consequential losses arising out of some of the causes in (a) above or other losses caused by third parties.

3. Seminars and in-house workshop training on fraud prevention, detection and prosecution.

4. The gathering of corporate intelligence.

5. Dealing with unusual situations and unexpected problems.

6. Acquisitions and Mergers.

7. Assignments generally undertaken by private detectives.

1. Prevention, Detection & Prosecution of White Collar Crime

Nathan Dony is a member of the "World Association of Detectives", a world wide network of carefully selected individuals whose specialities lie in the area of dealing with White Collar Crime and crime in general. Nathan Dony is also a Certified Fraud Examiner. The CFE has seventeen thousand members in twenty countries and is the leading body in providing support and training in the fight against fraud. Nathan Dony is also a Member of the Institute of Risk Management. In 2005 Nathan Dony was invited to join The Fraud Advisory Panel by its Chairman Rosalind Wright CB. The Practice advises numerous companies and organisations.

The Practice has mounted very many investigations into such matters as:

(a) Accounting frauds

(b) Purchasing frauds

(c) Stock frauds

(d) Bribery and corruption

and retains the services of a number of retired senior policemen, mostly from the Fraud Squad or Special Branch. Our involvement in each case is total and includes preparing the detailed affidavits together with the solicitors and giving Expert Witness evidence in Court.

We are able to conduct a fraud audit looking at your systems and papertrail. We look at how you trade, not what you trade in. This is not in competition with your auditors, in fact we often liaise closely with them. After a discussion with yourselves, we spend some time looking at your paperwork, the actual locations, physical assets movements, instruction manuals etc. and advise in a report on:-

(i) those areas where we feel you have adequate safeguards;

(ii) those areas which could be improved, setting out those improvements and how to implement them;

(iii) those areas where we feel you have not addressed the issue of the potential for fraud, again setting out our recommendations.

No company can say "It could not happen here" - it happened at Scotland Yard, Barings and other large reputable organisations too numerous to mention. Remember, there is no such thing as a small fraud, only a large one that was not allowed to grow.

As private investigators we take on cases that most private detectives are unable to, our emphasis is on value for money and results.

2. Forensic Accounting

The Practice has acted in a wide variety of cases, one of which was featured in the BBC1 programme "Watchdog" in December 1995. The Wallingford branch of a major clearing bank had reportedly overcharged very many of its corporate customers, ruining a few of them. They consulted the leading practitioner in the field of auditing bank interest and charges. This resulted in many of them recovering thousands of pounds.

The Practice was then called in to quantify any consequential losses and further claims resulted in substantial settlements. Feelings locally ran so high that a public meeting was held in the Wallingford Town Hall which Nathan Dony chaired. It was these events which were the subject of the Watchdog programme.

In another landmark case a clearing bank had dishonoured cheques after crediting a client £141.75 when in fact he had paid in a cheque for £14,175.00. Subsequent investigations revealed many other errors. Dony Consultants eventually assisted in obtaining settlement from the bank of over £30,000.00 for the consequential and other losses. This was the subject of the Channel 4 programme on Sunday 23rd August 1998 called 'Your Money and Your Life'

If you suspect your bank are overcharging you, call us. Our Forensic accounting approach is designed to assist the small to medium businesses which generally are at a disadvantage when things go wrong with the banking relationship.

3. Seminars & Training

The Practice has conducted numerous seminars for commercial and professional bodies (see our seminars page). In addition the Practice has also acted on several occasions for the Construction Industry Training Board C.I.T.B. These seminars were delivered after detailed consultation with the Manager of Internal Audit and were designed to encourage a preventative culture amongst managers by raising their awareness of fraud, outlining risk assessment indicators and situations that can give rise to fraud.

In 1997 Nathan Dony was invited by the eminent Professor David Canter, who holds the Chair of Psychology at Liverpool University, to write and deliver a paper on "The Mind and Making of Fraudsters" to students doing a Masters degree in Criminal Psychology. Subsequently in 1998 he presented a case study to students, on a fraud that had psychological implications. The presentation in 1999 was an updated version of the 1997 seminar.

Professor Canter is widely recognised as the leading figure in the science of offender profiling and his book "Criminal Shadows" is a best seller which deals with the insights into the criminal mind. The Seminars were held at Liverpool University in March 1997, 1998 and 1999 as you can see from the letter on our testimonials page, which Professor Canter has kindly given us permission to reproduce.

4. Corporate Intelligence

As a result of our contacts in a wide variety of expert fields, we are able to supply:

(a) Better and more detailed information on the financial status and history of individuals, their lifestyles etc., particularly relevant sometimes to recruitment of key employees or in difficult situations. It can also assist in obtaining information on Directors and Shareholders or other companies with whom you trade or associate. Corporate Intelligence keeps you one step ahead.

(b) Tracing of assets fraudulently obtained, or money laundered. Also any other assets of the fraudster which may or may not be the proceeds of this or previous frauds.

(c) Directorship searches to see if key employees or Directors are running competitive businesses in their own names or their wife's name;

(d) Media searches to check for adverse publicity, criminal activity or association with failed companies;

(e) Offshore enquiries, particularly our ability to get behind the corporate veil to discover shareholdings and beneficial ownership in nominee companies.

(f) Surveillance and counter surveillance both physical and electronic carried out by highly experienced personnel with police or military backgrounds.

5. Situations and Problems

(a) Dony Consultants recovered nearly half a million pounds from a Swiss Bank in 1995, acting for an elderly lady whose family fled Nazi Germany in 1936.

(b) Dony Consultants traced a child adopted overseas 35 years ago to reunite the birth mother with her long lost son.

(c) Dony Consultants was retained to find a buyer for a multi-million pound private business. The owner required the services of leading Tax Counsel and expert solicitors to deal with all the ramifications of this sale. A major Footsie 100 company expressed an interest, one of 7 potential buyers. The deal, when completed in the year 2000, was worth £9 million.

(d) Amongst the many cases that the Principal, Nathan Dony, has handled is that of the disappearance of Jewellery from Harrods safety deposit boxes which has proved one of the most challenging. Acting for the Commissioner Sir John Stevens and other Senior Officers, a significant aspect of this long running case was successfully concluded in August 2002. Please see the letter from the Commissionerís Legal Team on our testimonials page. Many other cases have required either a delicate touch or a firm grip depending on the circumstances.

(e) A major investigation for the Learning & Skills Council was successfully concluded in September 2003. The letter on our testimonials page demonstrates the breadth and depth of expertise that Dony Consultants brings to an investigation for a client as large as the Learning & Skills Council, Part of the Department of Education.

6. Acquisitions & Mergers

The practice has been involved in a number of acquisitions and mergers, acting in a variety of capacities.

(a) Assisting clients to identify likely partners or purchasers;

(b) Assisting with the provision of lawyers to draw up contracts;

(c) Liaising with leading Tax Counsel to provide advice on Capital Gains Tax and utilising the advice to form an overall strategy that is tax efficient, but within the parameter of the client's requirements;

(d) Due diligence and the provision of Corporate Intelligence on Company Directors and other parties;

(e) Investigations where there has been mis-representation or fraud.

7. Consultancy

The practice can assist you in all your needs as consultants for white collar crime, fraud, forensic accounting, Acquisitions & Mergers, private investigation.


As stated at the beginning, we are sure you will agree that Dony Consultants is a "Unique Concept" Practice, aimed at aspects often overlooked or ignored and targeted at the medium to larger commercial and industrial companies (often the favoured target of most fraudsters).

Please contact us as we are sure there must be some way we can be of assistance.

Nathan Dony CFE, MIRM

Nathan Dony CFE, MIRM

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